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Leverage our resources to upgrade and develop your capabilities anywhere in the world.

Our roots started in tire and wheel assemblies. Today, MAI’s team of professionals specialize in designing and implementing sub-assembly modules for all areas of the automotive manufacturing process. Geography is never an issue because our business model can be replicated anywhere. We are poised to establish facilities in the vicinity of our customer’s operations. Taking advantage of our expansion capabilities allows you to grow and increase capacity more economically. Additionally, we’ll reduce the burden of your inventory overhead through our parts procurement strategy and supply chain management. This partnership allows you to realign your resources to focus on what is important to you.



Manufacturing and modular assembly services provided by MAI Companies will help you maintain a competitive advantage by delivering cost, quality, and productivity improvements. But that’s not all! When you are relieved of the burden of parts production, particularly the “how-to” kind of issues that siphon off large amounts of time and attention, you are able to concentrate on product development and marketing – activities accelerating growth and success. MAI can launch new modular assembly programs anywhere in the U.S. MAI understands manufacturers expect low cost, high quality, and quick delivery from manufacturing and modular assembly providers. MAI has a successful track record of meeting these expectations. The key to MAI’s success is a project management process that focuses on quantifiable measurements to track progress. We identify and confirm solutions to any issues along the way and incorporate past problem history and “lessons learned” from similar projects. This approach gets the project started on time, stays on budget for implementation, and when production starts there is a PPM level of six sigma or less.


MAI companies provides supply chain management solutions ranging from procurement of parts needed for the manufacture and assembly of modules, to delivery of the module itself.

Value-added services are our specialty. Our experienced professionals, advanced technologies, and proven supply chain management solutions will save time, reduce inventory, and trim costs.

Supplier management, Requisitioning, Purchase financing, Strategic sourcing, Engineering solutions, Formulation of business rules, Vendor pre-qualification, Vendor negotiations, Contract management and compliance, Logistics planning, Resource management, Real-time information sharing, Quality containment

Reduce costs
Improve customer service
Enhance agility and responsiveness
Reduce inventory
Reduce lead times
Improve visibility
Quality buffer between the supplier and end user
MBE attainment opportunities

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Whether you call it in-line vehicle sequencing (ILVS), sequential parts delivery (SPD), or just-in-time (JIT), MAI companies deliver assemblies to manufacturers when they’re needed and in the proper build sequence. Our SPD services gives you online inventory visibility and lower operating costs. Just think of what you can do with the extra floor space freed up by the reduction of inventory. MAI’s innovative SPD meets and exceeds industry standards and can integrate with the production process of any OEM.

From translating the incoming requirements, to providing needed production options, to labeling and shipping, MAI companies brings the technology and expertise to ensure our customers always receive the right component, in the right sequence, at the right time. Our SPD system translates incoming production requirements into the actual production sequences, verifies the products built, and validates the truckload sequence.

Customers may transmit sequencing requirements to MAI by Internet, electronic data interchange (EDI) or broadcast pulse.

MAI companies build in sequence to match the sequence order as communicated by the manufacturer or build in batch and pack in sequence.

Whether bar codes, basic part information, sequence number, etc, labeling is performed according to customer specification.

MAI companies support all manufacturer procedural requirements such as Advanced Shipment Notification via EDI or Bill of Lading paperwork.

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