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CEO Billy Vickers featured in Columbus CEO

With a growing business and health concerns, Billy Vickers was being judicious about how he spent his time. Joining the board at A Kid Again was a must-do, it turned out.

The young boy in the wheelchair with an Ohio State University basketball player towering over him caught the eye of businessman Billy Vickers. The boy laughed and grinned as his pain and illness faded away for a few minutes, replaced by the unbridled joy of seeing his Buckeye heroes in person.

Standing nearby, the boy’s father nearly wept.

At that moment, Vickers knew he wanted to be part of A Kid Again, a Columbus-based nonprofit that hosts free events like the basketball outing for children with life-threatening illnesses. “They had an opportunity to go out and do something normal,” marveled Vickers in recounting his experience at the event. “The father of the kid in the wheelchair said he’d been waiting forever to see that look on his son’s face because he was so excited to be there.”


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